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[Entertainment News] Sun After The Rain leads 49th Golden Bell Awards nominations

[Professional Review] The Second Coming (2014) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] Eric Kwok Best Selections (4CD)

[Editor's Pick] Long live Korean punk

[Feature Articles] YumCha! Picks: 10 + 1 Asian School Movies

[Entertainment News] Sato Takeru and Miyazaki Aoi to star in film adaptation of Kawamura Genki novel

[Entertainment News] Yamada Takayuki joins the cast of Nobunaga Concerto drama adaptation

[Entertainment News] Star-studded cast unveiled for Murder on the Orient Express J-Drama special

[Editor's Pick] A design-minded magazine with a difference

[Entertainment News] Derek Yee, Tsui Hark wrap production on The Sword Master

[Entertainment News] John Woo's The Crossing set for December release

[Entertainment News] Media Asia and S.M. Entertainment signs cooperative pact

[Editor's Pick] Chicken noodle soup in manga form

[Entertainment News] 2014 Seoul International Drama Awards

[Entertainment News] Park Chan Wook to adapt Fingersmith

[Entertainment News] Hong Kong director Patrick Lung Kong passes away at age 79

[Entertainment News] YG Entertainment launches reality competition program for new group

[Editor's Pick] Finally, J-Min's first Korean album

[Editor's Pick] The truth about bullying

[Editor's Pick] An adventurous effort from Ken Hung

[Professional Review] Back to Priscilla - 30th Anniversary Collections (3CD + DVD)

[Entertainment News] Yamada Ryosuke to star in live-action adaptation of Assassination Classroom

[Editor's Pick] The end is the beginning

[Entertainment News] Tokyo Film Festival announces Thai, Anno Hideaki program

[Editor's Pick] The fantasy of mainstream activist cinema

[Professional Review] Hacken Lee 82 Hits Collection - The Very Best of 1986-2014 (4CD + DVD)

[Professional Review] Aberdeen (2014) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] The Midnight After (2014) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)

[Editor's Pick] 40 Years of ICAC

[Entertainment News] Roaring Currents breaks Korea's all time box office record

[Entertainment News] Filming begins on blockbuster thriller The Ghouls

[Editor's Pick] Passing the Cantonese opera torch

[Editor's Pick] A ridiculously entertaining boy band you can't help but love

[Entertainment News] 3D Doraemon film moves audiences in Japan

[Professional Review] rice & shine (2CD)

[Professional Review] 3D Naked Ambition (2014) (2D Version) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] That Demon Within (2014) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)

[Entertainment News] Guey Lun Mei appointed this year's Golden Horse ambassador

[Entertainment News] Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun to star in TV adaptation of Ouroboros

[Entertainment News] Live-action Attack on Titan announces cast

[Editor's Pick] Korean army blues

[Entertainment News] Okura Tadayoshi, Ono Machiko and Ashida Mana star in 24 Hour Television drama

[Editor's Pick] Bro-tastic shojo manga

[Entertainment News] Fukuyama Masaharu joins cast of Rurouni Kenshin sequel

[Editor's Pick] A fresh sound in Cantopop

[Editor's Pick] Finding Hope in the darkest places

[Entertainment News] Kara to return as four-member group in August

[Editor's Pick] The truth behind commercials

[Editor's Pick] A summer at grandpa's

[Editor's Pick] "Those guys" no more

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