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[Entertainment News] Chinese horror film The House That Never Dies breaks record

[Entertainment News] Ayase Haruka to star in drama adaptation of Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu

[Entertainment News] SM Entertainment to debut new girl group

[Entertainment News] Panna Rittikrai (1961-2014)

[Editor's Pick] The madness behind the dreams

[Editor's Pick] A star returns

[Editor's Pick] Leehom concert without the frills

[Entertainment News] YoonA to make big screen debut in Goodbye Ani

[Professional Review] Horseplay (2014) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

[Entertainment News] Filming begins for Nichkhun-Jiro Wang idol drama

[Editor's Pick] Hope of deliverance

[Entertainment News] Former AKB48 member Ono Erena to leave entertainment industry

[Professional Review] A Secret Between Us (2013) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] Intruders (DVD) (Korea Version)

[Professional Review] Gatchaman (2013) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

[Editor's Pick] A holiday concert brought to you by real-life magical girls

[Feature Articles] YesAsia 2014 Bestsellers - Half-Year Report

[Professional Review] Roommate (2013) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] The Plan Man (DVD) (Korea Version)

[Entertainment News] A-yue Chang, JJ Lin, Penny Tai win at 25th Golden Melody Awards

[Editor's Pick] The new hope of Hong Kong rock

[Editor's Pick] World-class jazz from Taiwan

[Editor's Pick] The anthropomorphic pear you never knew you needed

[Editor's Pick] Indie chick flick

[Editor's Pick] Taiwan's era of freedom

[Professional Review] Tom Yum Goong 2 (2013) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

[Editor's Pick] Arrested development

[Entertainment News] Ayase Haruka and Nagasawa Masami co-star in new Kore-eda Hirokazu film

[Editor's Pick] A slice of Hong Kong by way of the UK

[Editor's Pick] The road to true happiness is never straight

[Entertainment News] AKB48 sets new record on half-year Oricon chart

[Entertainment News] Director Ann Hui's newest to close Venice Film Festival

[Professional Review] Bends (2013) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

[Entertainment News] Cult classic Gonin gets sequel

[Professional Review] Beijing Love Story (2014) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] Mortician (2013) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] The Wrath Of Vajra (2013) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

[Professional Review] Wild Dogs (DVD) (Korea Version)

[Professional Review] Way Back Home (DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

[Editor's Pick] Olympus no Fumotonite makes an excellent introduction to Rhythmic Toy World

[Entertainment News] Eguchi Yosuke and Motoki Masahiro to star in nuclear thriller

[Professional Review] The Monkey King (2014) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (2-Disc Edition) (Hong Kong Version

[Professional Review] Steal My Heart (DVD) (2-Disc) (First Press Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

[Entertainment News] Detective K returns for sequel

[Feature Articles] AmadeuS Revisited - Q&A with Topp Dogg

[Entertainment News] Watanabe Mayu wins 2014 AKB48 Senbatsu Election

[Professional Review] Friend, The Great Legacy (DVD) (2-Disc) (Korea Version)

[Editor's Pick] Shimatani's latest shows her growth

[Entertainment News] Kanjani8's Maruyama Ryuhei to star in Hell Teacher Nube drama adaptation

[Entertainment News] Mukai Osamu to star in Eternal Zero TV mini-series

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